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Two Sick Puppies In A Shelter Comfort Each Other In The Sweetest Way Possible!

The lives of feral dogs are difficult, and they are not made any better if they are placed in high-k.i.ll shelters. That means if they are not adopted soon, they will be eu.thanized, and no one will care if they become i.ll!

Neal and Jeremiah, are two adorable puppies in a Texas high-k.i.ll shelter. They arrived at this location separately. Neal was sick at the time; he was thin, si.ck, and ti.red, and he appeared to be on the verge of co.llap.sing!

But Jeremiah, in her kindness and love, crawled over and laid on top of Neal when she saw him in pa.in!

Many people were moved by this scene. Stacey Silverstein, the founder of Rock Dog Rescue NYC, says the dogs comfort each other when they believe they are in dan.ger.

Fortunately, Silverstein stepped in and decided to save this po.or couple, two skinny dogs with pitiful eyes, who couldn’t believe their lives would change after just that picture.

In addition, another shelter dog named Jagger was rescued. Three dogs are currently being treated, and if they are not directly adopted, they will be fostered.

That is so precious; we hope that now that they have bonded, they can be adopted by a family who can care for both of them!

So glad they’re getting the care they require. Hope they all find loving homes!!!

This is so precious and We pray for all fur babies that suffer from a.bu.se and a.ban.donment 🙏

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