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Tiny Puppy Rescued A Construction Site Grows Up To Be So Handsome

The Pittie puppy weighted less than 2 pounds when found abandoned at a construction sit, and wasn’t doing well at all.

This story is about a 2-pound Pittie puppy who was found abandoned at a construction site. So, Love Leo Rescue went to save the dog, who was in bad shape! Thankfully, they took him in and provided him with the utmost care. It was clearly clear that the dog, named Carl, adores humans.

Surprisingly, fortunately, the dog started to feel much better on the first day of the shelter! The best part is that he is so healthy that he can go to a foster family! He also had a lot of foster siblings to play with, which made his life even more enjoyable.

Then, it was time for him to go to a forever home, as he was adopted by a wonderful woman. As he walks to work with his mother every day, his life becomes more important. He can also make new friends! What a satisfying conclusion! View the video below. Please forward this to your friends and family.

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