The 4 Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

Choosing the wrong water temperature

The skin is made up of a multitude of small holes called “pores”. Yes, the famous ones that we try to hide at all costs and those same ones who govern the temperature. This is why it is essential to properly manage the heat of tap water while cleaning the skin. As the steam is known to open the pores, it is recommended to rinse your face using a washcloth moistened with warm water. Rather than applying water directly to the face, the fabric will act as a steam and allow the pores to dilate to rinse better. We continue, then, with a splash of cool to cold water to, this time, tighten the pores and reactivate blood circulation. The skin is then invigorated and more luminous.


Cleanse your skin too quickly

We should regularly repeat this statement from Tata Harper, the American skin guru  : “Removing make-up should not be seen as a chore but more as a moment that you take for yourself. »Yes, makeup removal is that ultra-sensory moment when you get rid of all the impurities of the day and where you can relax and breathe. It’s up to us to play with textures and smells to make it a pleasant step. And the pros of beautiful skin say it, better a double cleanse than one, especially for those who use a lot of makeup and / or who live in very polluted places.

The right thing to do: start by removing make-up with oil first – dry then with water – because fat attracts fat. Pollution and sebum will be gone in no time. It is then continued on damp skin with a gel or a cleansing milk in order to remove all the small particles embedded deep in the epidermis.

Using too many products

In her book “In my skin”, Dr. Yaël Adler is against the automatic use of creams and other products for our body and our face. According to her, the microbiota of our epidermis is sufficient on its own. However, without falling into product zero, it is preferable to have a light hand over it. Too much of textures and formulas could suffocate our skin. We therefore target our needs according to our skin type and we stick to them. Even if it means getting advice from a dermatologist to be sure of your choices.

Too exfoliate

Our skin is made up of a multitude of layers that it protects in particular with the help of sebum, this thin film that is sometimes a little oily that many hate. However, using scrubs that are too aggressive – or too often – can create lesions on the skin or even accentuate the phenomenon of oily skin. Tata Harper, for example, prefers mechanical scrubs (grain) to so-called “chemical” scrubs with fruit enzymes. According to her: “The very small particles of enzymatic scrubs end up seeping into the pores and clogging them. They prevent the skin from breathing and contribute to the appearance of imperfections. »We then opt for exfoliation once or twice a week, never more. Finally, when you have acne, we avoid the scrub on the inflamed parts because this would further irritate the pimple and worsen it.

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