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Puppy Mauled in Dog Fight Gets First Ever 3D-Printed Mask to Help Save Her Life

The poor 4-month-old Staffordshire Bullterrier puppy was lately severely damaged and got a special 3D-printed mask, writes pintiks

The poor puppy had a smashed cheekbone, a fractured jawbone, and her mandibular joint, her face, and her neck had multiple puncture injuries. Luckily the surgeries were done well due to the best vets.

After the surgical treatment, the puppy named Loca got her new face mask, an Exo-K9 Exoskeleton, which was developed especially for her by biomedical design trainees at the varsity. It helped her jawbone to stay situated.

After a few days, the dog felt better and started to eat. Though she wasn’t allowed to eat chew toys, bones, etc. UC Davis School wrote in a post on their page: “Loca did incredibly well throughout her 3-day hospitalization.”

Thanks to her mask the dog would get better soon and would continue to live happily.

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