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Men Frees Cat That Was Being Strangled By Storm Drain

This poor cat was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. But, the firefighters that saved it were at the right place at the right time. The cat got its head stuck in the storm drain, with body hanging down. This was causing the kitty to not breathe right. Thankfully, these wonderful men showed up, and saved him/her. They prevented what would have been a very traumatizing death.
A one-year-old cat remained stuck in a storm drain. The worse part was that the cat was dangling below the grate, with its head stuck in one of the holes.

“When we arrived the cat was barely breathing and moving as she was hanging from the grate,” wrote Winchendon Fire Department on Facebook.

The firefighters removed the grate so the cat could breath.

Then they used dish soap that they applied around the cats neck, they slowly worked his head back into the grate and within a couple minutes they freed the cat.

What a lucky kitty! Glad he/she got another chance at life. Share with friends!

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