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Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Random Cat Cuddling Him

Andrew Falloon’s father just underwent surgery and has been recovering at home since. While physicians’ advice to get lots of bed rest might be a little restrictive at times, it’s not something Falloon’s father has had to deal with on his own.

Evidently, one bewhiskered local heard that Dad might use some company — and proceeded to provide it in the most charming way conceivable.

“My mother went out to run some errands and left one of the doors slightly open,” Falloon explained to The Dodo. “When she returned home, she saw Dad and [this cat] curled together on the couch.”

The stray kitty’s friendly act was undoubtedly endearing, even if it wasn’t quite a one-sided embrace. Despite the fact that Falloon’s father was sleeping, he ended up holding hands with the unwanted houseguest as they dozed away together. He had no idea the whole time.

“My dad hasn’t always been a huge fan of cats, so I think he was as astonished as everyone else when Mum woke him up,” Falloon said.

Falloon’s parents were later informed that the cat’s name is Ziggy. He’s a nice neighborhood cat that has been known to stop by other people’s houses to say hi on occasion.

On this particular day, though, his visit was more similar to a house call.

What about after the nap? “Dr. Ziggy stayed for a bit of a smooch, but then left for his next appointment,” Falloon explained.

It’s hard to say how much Ziggy’s unprompted snuggle session benefited Falloon’s father’s recovery. However, as everyone knows, spending time with a cute kitty is always beneficial for the soul.

“After his procedure, Dad is well and fully on the mend,” Falloon added.

Excellent work, Ziggy

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