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Mama Dog Runs From Cruel Humans & Gives Birth In A Horror House In Bitter Cold

The “Stray Rescue of St. Louis” has shared the heart-tugging rescue story of a mama dog named Champagne and her 7 puppies, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Champagne, a homeless dog, was due to give birth in winter. She walked into an abandoned block of houses, and crawled inside a broken down house just before her labor. The house was filled with hazardous debris in every corner, but Champagne simply wanted to keep her babies warm.

A rescuer named Donna spotted Champagne and immediately arranged a rescue team. They ventured into the colony of dilapidated houses on a freezing day, and were surprised to find Champagne in the very first house. However, they had not expected the mama dog’s intense mistrust toward humans.

In this video, we see the rescuers greeting Champagne on the rundown stairs. But the dog’s panicked face is enough for the rescuers to understand that she is about to run away. The rescuers follow Champagne as she flees to the bedroom on the top floor. Their hearts stop as they see the scared dog standing on the window sill and contemplating to jump off!

Thankfully, Champagne discarded the idea of jumping off and ran to hide behind a crib. The rescuers saw their chance and grabbed her. They carried her out to the rescue van and went back in to get her puppies.

When the rescuers found the puppies, they were impressed to see that Champagne had kept them well-fed and had snugly tucked them in a pile of clothes. What a smart mama! Champagne eventually realized that she and her puppies were in safe hands. She lost her fears toward humans and embraced her rescuers on the way to the shelter!

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