In What Order To Put Your Makeup?

Better to work on your complexion or eyes first? And is the eye shadow before or after the mascara? These questions are not existential but they can still crop up in the back of our heads. So that they no longer interfere with our morning routine, here are the five steps to apply makeup properly. 


Step 1: the importance of perfectly prepared skin

“When cleaning, you will not escape. This is a rule to follow without arguing. For beautiful skin and beautiful make-up, you can’t skip the makeup removal box. ” On perfectly cleansed skin, day cream is essential “, explains Max Herlant, makeup artist consultant at Yves Rocher, before adding: “If you plan to put on foundation, it is better to avoid a cream. too rich in favor of a fluid moisturizer. »Using a make-up base after applying the treatment is ideal, above all, to prevent the acidity of the skin from altering the pigments of the foundation.

Step 2: the foundation

“As the name suggests, the foundation is intended to blend into the complexion. So you don’t choose your product to look tanned! Max exclaims. The makeup artist, therefore, recommends getting as close as possible to your skin tone. How to avoid the error? By applying a drop of foundation to the jawbone or earlobe. The wrist test should be avoided because this area is too light compared to the face. Another tip: to look younger, avoid matte foundation which gives a waxy complexion.

Step 3: correction of dark circles and imperfections of all kinds

If there are two schools for corrective makeup, Max advises hiding imperfections after preparing the complexion because the foundation tends to already erase some asperities. As for dark circles, you can reduce them by mixing a touch of eye contour serum with your concealer and add the preparation using a brush for a natural finish.

Step 4: the powder

It is best to choose a powder in the color closest to your foundation to set makeup and control shine. “Make-up is like an ephemeral facelift. By stretching her make-up from the inside to the outside of the face, you will obtain a smoother and more youthful effect ”, specifies Max Herlant, specialist in rejuvenation technique through make-up. And if your eyes are marked, prefer “owl makeup”, in other words powder at the edge of dark circles as if you had a mask to prevent the pigments from getting lodged in the fine lines.

Step 5: eyebrows, eyes and lips

“Even for every day, working your eyebrows is crucial,” says the make-up artist. We, therefore, alternate two colors of pencils: one close to the color of the eyebrows, the other lighter. Thus, using the edge of the pencil, the two colors are alternately for a more natural effect. For the eyes, we favor a nude base to unify the eyelid that we will mark or not with an eyeliner line. And for perfect lips, Max has a great trick: make a poultice with his moisturizer while you put on beauty. It will suffice to remove the excess with a tissue and finish by applying a pretty lipstick.

The exception that proves the rule: To achieve a smoky eye, it is best to do it even before working on the complexion to prevent small drops of pigments from becoming embedded in the makeup. 

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