How To Make Curls With A Straightener?

From the preparation to the gesture including the finish … The best professional advice for curling your hair with a straightening iron.


No, the hair straightener isn’t just for straightening hair. Contrary to what the name suggests, it also allows you to achieve waves and pretty curls. But if some swear by this technique and gave up their curling iron for a long time, others still struggle to master it. With great ailments, great remedies: we called on Émilie Rondeau, hairdresser, and Education Manager for GHD France to give us a good lesson in hair care.

Which straightener for a wavy effect?

If the choice of the straightener is important (especially its temperature and its material so as not to damage the hair too much), we can theoretically make waves with any. Note however: the finer the device, the more tonic the loop will be. Conversely: the thicker it is, the looser the loop will be. Our expert still recommends opting for a straightener with a rounded tip to facilitate the operation.

How to prepare your hair before curling it?

Before any use of a heating device, it is advisable to prepare to protect your hair and for the result to be convincing. You can make the curls on clean hair or not. You just don’t have to have too greasy hair… Another information, and not least, our expert does not especially recommend brushing or straightening them before going to waves, even if you have curly hair. Émilie Rondeau explains: “They just need to be very dry if they have just been washed. No humidity is needed otherwise the hair is sensitized and the hold is poorer. »
Step 1: thermal protection is recommended to protect the hair fiber from heat.
Step 2: sheath your hair for better styling. To do this, we use a holding spray or a volumizing mousse which gives body, definition and provides hold to the hairstyle.
Step 3: brush your hair well to detangle and distribute the product. If the hair is damp from the product, dry the hair.

How to make beautiful curls with a hair straightener?

Curls made with a curling iron are well defined while those made with a straightener are less defined. But it is precisely this natural side that we are going to look for using this technique. You still have to know how to tame it.

To begin with, we proceed in sections. For example: we separate the top part, we hang it with pliers. Ditto for the central area. So we start with the back of the neck. A few more seconds of work but that really simplifies the process.

Then we take a wick, not too thick. Better to work a little harder but do them better.

And here is the most feared moment for some… the gestures! Here’s the idea: take the wick and put it in the hair straightener, close, turn around (breaking the wrist like when starting a scooter) and slide to the tip. With long hair, you can even do a full turn by holding the tip between your fingers. GHD expert explains, “It works either way as long as you do a U-turn or a full turn. In case of difficulty, it is better to break down the actions and carry them out slowly. “

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