How To Do Your Nail Polish Yourself?

A beautiful varnish, which would not contain any chemical agent, and which would not cost the eyes of the head? It exists! Plus, it only takes three minutes to complete. The proof in our DIY video (Click here to watch the video) to learn how to make your own nail polish.


The ingredients to make your nail polish yourself

– A neutral varnish base (6 g)
– Vegetable pigment (0.3 g)
– Vegetable coloring (0.3 g)
– A precision scale
– A bowl
– A mini-whisk
– A graduated pipette 3 ml
– An empty varnish bottle (6 ml)

How to make your homemade nail polish?

Nothing’s easier! All you need to do is transfer the nail polish base, vegetable pigment and vegetable dye to a bowl. Then mix vigorously using a mini-whisk to homogenize the preparation. Finally, for your homemade varnish into a bottle using a small pipette if necessary. You can keep your potion for up to 12 months.

Homemade nail polish: why make it yourself?

Because it’s natural …  We know that nail polish bought in stores contains chemical agents that are harmful to health. Making your own varnish is the assurance of obtaining a clean composition thanks to reliable ingredients of natural origin.

Because it is economical … The total price of a home made varnish is relatively less expensive than that available on the market. A strong argument to get started! 

Because it’s responsible … In addition to being respectful of health, homemade varnish also respects the environment. Indeed, the “Do It Yourself” imposes a more ethical consumption. 

Because it’s fun … Nothing is more satisfying than being able to manufacture your own cosmetics. Alone or with the family, we play the budding chemist to dig up the prettiest nail polish and try new trendy manicures such as ”  Milky Nails  ” or even ” toffee  ” manicures. 

Check out the video below for more information about this DIY

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