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Homeless Cat Comforts Exhausted Nurse On His Break

Ahmed Flaty works as a nurse-in-training in an Egyptian hospital. The long 12-hour hours, combined with the COVID-19 situation, have been difficult.Ahmed was near the hospital, sunbathing for a few minutes before returning to his shift. He was taken aback when a homeless cat approached him; it was as if he knew exactly what he needed at that very time.

The following is what the young nurse told The Dodo:

“I was sitting down to chat to a buddy in front of the hospital where we are doing our internship year, and this tiny kitty walked up to me as I was talking to him. [He] didn’t meow or anything; he simply stared at me, got on my lap, gazed at me briefly, and then went asleep.”

Ahmed says the kitten’s reaction is very rare in Egypt.

He said:

“Stray animals in Egypt are generally treated very badly. So a kitten or a dog approaching a human in this way, especially when there was no food involved, is very strange.”

During the time that the kitten remained on his lap, the nurse remained still, and after about 20 minutes of cuddling, the feline believed that his work was done and walked away.

The company of the animal was very comforting; Ahmed immediately returned to his shift at the hospital. He had worked the 12-hour shift continuously for 20 days, but that moment with the feline was very encouraging.

The nurse says that he wants to have a pet, and would love to adopt a dog or a cat, but due to his long shifts, he would not be able to dedicate the time that an animal requires. Since meeting him, he hasn’t seen the kitten again, but at every break in his shifts he always looks for it.

Ahmed finally added:

“Honestly, it really was the best time of this whole year so far.”

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