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Family Dumped Their Dog At Shelter Just For Her ‘Funny Look’

It is known that huskies have majestic and noble appearance, but for Jubilee, a Husky with a face looks droopy due to being born with a congenital disorder, it was not the same. Her breeder was not able to sell her despite being healthy! As no one wanted to a dog with such “appalling” looks.

So, the dog was surrendered to a shelter, where the workers directly fell in love with her. They also knew that finding a forever home for her would be a great challenge. She stayed at the shelter for a year and a half with interest shown.

So, the workers decided to share the 4-year-old dog’s story online hoping that she found a forever home. Thankfully, it worked as she was finally adopted by a kind family, who also has two other Huskies. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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