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Driver Pulls Over When He Sees Dog With Taped Muzzle And Legs

A person who abandons their dog cannot be understood! There is no reason in this world that allows them to do that! They can be taken to shelters instead of being abandoned.

Sadly, he saw a dog abandoned on the side of the road with tape around its legs and muzzle, preventing it from barking or moving. Carl Alan decided to help her. It was so frightening for the 8-month-old dog that she urinated on herself on seeing the approaching Good Samaritans. Thankfully, when another passerby saw this, he decided to stop and help. The Good Samaritans tried comforting the poor dog and letting her know they cared.

Denver Animal Protection was called in to evaluate the dog. She will stay there until she is fully recovered. Once she is healthy, they will look for a forever home for her.

Check out the following video!

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