How To Make A Handbag?

It takes up little space but works well on any look. You can even make it with real leather! Follow all the steps in our DIY to learn how to make your clutch bag with your own hands.



– the pattern to print here
– a piece of soft leather a little larger than an A4 sheet
– a piercing pliers
– clasps
– a cutter
– a ruler
– iron-on fabric
– a piece of cardboard 


Print the pattern. Cut it out and lay it on the piece of leather. Mark the outlines with a pen and cut out the leather with a ruler and a cutter.

Leave the leather aside. Cut out the large rectangle from the pattern and place it on stiff cardboard. Cut out the edges to the size of the rectangle. Place the rectangular cardboard on the iron-on fabric. Mark the outlines and cut out, allowing for slightly wider edges.

Take the piece of leather and fold it like an envelope. On the bottom layer, mark a point with a pen on the place where the clasp will be. Perforate with the pliers.

Do the same with the other three layers (do not immediately perforate the flap, ie the fourth layer).

Screw the clasp onto the three perforated layers.

Take the rectangular cardboard and the iron-on fabric. Glue the latter on the cardboard.

Insert the cardboard into the sleeve. Trim the edges to adjust if needed.

Perforate the flap with the cardboard placed inside the pocket.

Close your pocket.

It’s ready !

#DIY: how to make a cover?
Our DIY to learn how to make a pouch © Luna Joulia

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