How To Make A Bag In Ten Minutes?

There is in your wardrobe this little pouch bought for nothing at all except that you, the pouch, you prefer it with a chain. So in a bag.
Here is a little DIY to transform a simple pouch into a real it bag in just a few steps.



– 1 pouch, here an H&M
– 1 meter of a chain of your choice
– 4 pairs of brass eyelets
– 1 ring
– 1 flat plier
– 1 pair of scissors
– 1 pen


Step 1

Using the flat part of the eyelet draw 4 circles on your sleeve, see gif shown for locations.


Steps 2

Cut out around the drawn circles. Do not hesitate to cut a little more so that once the eyelet is placed the cutout is not visible.


Step 3

Secure the pairs of eyelets together. Use flat pliers to fold the parts.


Step 4

Pass the chain through the eyelets.
Using a ring, fix the two ends of the chain together, taking care to do it inside the pocket so that it is not visible.


And There you go! Now you can wear your favorite clutch over the shoulder or across the body.

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