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A toddler saved a kitten’s life, a year later, the cat paid back the favor

Numerous folks can attest that their kitty buddies are nothing more than spoilt little beasts that slumber the entire day. Of course, they occasionally awoke for cuddle sessions. Nonetheless, this lovely anecdote demonstrates that cats can be so much more!

Sally Gaunt, of Boronia, near Melbourne, Australia, was seeking for a kitten to adopt a few years ago. As a result, she took her two-year-old kid with her and paid a few trips to nearby shelters. When Beau, the small child, and Sandy, the carrot-colored kitten, met, it was love at first sight!

“Sandy instantly went into his lap and nestled into Beau,” Sally explained. “The volunteer at the RSPCA retrieved her camera, stating that she had never seen a bond form so quickly and wanted to demonstrate it to her coworkers. It was instantaneous, and we immediately took him home.”

The pair has been together ever then, until a dramatic scenario occurred a year later. Sully felt Sandy desperately attempting to rouse her up one night while sleeping with her son. “It was Good Friday, and Sandy awoke me, pawing at my hair and biting it. I assumed he required feeding and ignored him, but he continued to bite me,” she explains.

When she awoke, she quickly comprehended what had occurred. Her 3-year-old kid was experiencing a seizure, and mother immediately dialed 911. “I awoke to find Beau unconscious on his bed, writhing, clicking, and drooling profusely,” she explained.

What’s more remarkable is that Sandy never left his closest friend’s side during the entire time. “I was inconsolable, then observed Sandy seated beneath the stretcher.” Then she understood Sandy had literally saved her infant’s life. “The hospital warned Beau that he was extremely fortunate to have Sandy, as he would have died if we hadn’t discovered him… We are extremely grateful that Sandy is still a part of our life.”

Beau was diagnosed with epilepsy following further investigation. “Beau continues to suffer from epilepsy. He is presently doing fine. Because his epilepsy was predominantly nocturnal, we were forced to sleep with a video monitor on for years to ensure we were aware,” Beau’s mother explained.

The cat was even awarded the Advocate People’s Rescue Story award at the national Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards for his courageous gesture. Of course, Sandy is still there for the youngster who saved his life when he is in need. “At night, Sandy is always with him,” Sully explains.

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